It is possible to sell your art online especially with the improvement in technology. There are various avenues through which you can sell your art.

You need to consider the art you need to sell and the buyer you are targeting.

For original work, when you have limited editions, and if you will be selling and shipping the art personally, here are some avenues you can use:

  • Amazon: This is a popular site that is considered a reliable source by many stores. By having your art on Amazon, these stores will access your art and this will create a huge global market.
  • Artist Rising: this is a platform where established and upcoming artists meet. You can choose the free membership or the premium membership.

As you connect and interact with fellow artists, you will learn of better markets for your art and also learn new ideas about making your art better.

  • Artplode: if the value of your art is over $1000, you can list it on Artplode at a fee of $60 per art. There are no additional fees when selling your art on this platform.
  • Artsy: on this platform, there are thousands of artists who have come together to sell their art. As long as anyone has an internet connection, it will be possible for him to access this site and buy your art.
  • com: you will be able to sell your art at any price. When a client places an order, it will be the responsibility of Fine Art America to handle the logistics.
  • Spreesy: if you intend to use social media as your main source of market, Spreesy is a great option for you. You will be able to access clients via Facebook and Instagram through this site.
  • Imagekind: this is another great marketplace for your art. There is a supportive community and you will also get marketing tips from those who are more experienced.

You need to take advantage of the huge online market to sell your art. Depending on the local market will be limiting yourself and you can never make enough from your art.